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As your dedicated partner for professional home repair services following detailed home inspections. As specialists in addressing issues identified in home inspection reports provided by realtors, we understand the importance of prompt and precise repairs to facilitate smooth real estate transactions.

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Welcome to 4PT Punchlist, where your property repairs and renovations are our passion. Founder Justin Jones isn’t just a jack-of-all-trades—he’s a master of many. As a licensed general contractor with additional licenses in Electrical, Roofing, HVAC, and Plumbing, he has quickly become the “go-to guy” for realtors and home inspectors throughout Tampa Bay.

But there’s more to Justin than his professional skills. He’s got an eye for real estate and a heart committed to his faith, qualities that shine through in everything he does.

Alongside his wife, Stephanie, Justin is also the star of the hit Pureflix show “Busted Cribs”. Here, they share their thrilling journey of property investment and transformation, inspiring and entertaining viewers one episode at a time.


Repair Services

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We got your back, regardless of the size of the repair.

Whether its one repair item or many, you can lump any of our repair services together into one convenient service call and pricing package. Rest assured that the repairs will be completed by a fully licensed contractor with a warranty to back up your reputation. Simply send us the PDF of the inspection report for a firm estimate, or choose one of our pricing packages to speed the scheduling process along.

In a hurry? We offer overtime rates to complete services within 48 hours. Qualifying VIP program members receive priority service and discounted hourly rates.

(727) 644-0160