Contractor Licenses

Licensed and Experienced Professionals

Trust in the expertise of our licensed professionals who have extensive experience in addressing repair needs identified in home inspection reports.

General Contractor’s License

Florida #CGC1518648

Cgc1518648 License General Contractor Exp083124

Plumbing Contractor’s License

Florida #CFC1428287

Cfc1428287 License Plumbing Exp083124

AC Contractor’s License

Florida #CAC1821988

Cac1821988 License Ac Exp083124

Roofing Contractor’s License

Florida #CCC1333495

Ccc1333495 License Roofing Exp083124

Electrical License

Florida #EC13013653

License Electrical


Repair Services

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We got your back, regardless of the size of the repair.

Whether its one repair item or many, you can lump any of our repair services together into one convenient service call and pricing package. Rest assured that the repairs will be completed by a fully licensed contractor with a warranty to back up your reputation. Simply send us the PDF of the inspection report for a firm estimate, or choose one of our pricing packages to speed the scheduling process along.

In a hurry? We offer overtime rates to complete services within 48 hours. Qualifying VIP program members receive priority service and discounted hourly rates.

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