After Fact Permits

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After-the-Fact Permit Resolution Services

Bringing Your Property Up to Code and Compliance

We are your trusted partner in resolving after-the-fact permits highlighted in your home inspection report. Our licensed and experienced team is committed to ensuring that your property meets all necessary codes and regulations.

Our Process for Resolving After-The-Fact Permits

This process typically requires a deposit and paperwork to start the process.

Once you have sent us the full inspection report through the quote process, we will thoroughly review existing permits and associated documentation. Identify any open permits and assess the scope of work required for closure.

1. Permit Research and Documentation

Conduct a detailed review of existing permits and documentation to understand the history of the property. Identify any open or expired permits that need resolution.

2. Code Compliance Assessment

Conduct an on-site assessment to ensure that all work, past and present, aligns with current building codes and regulations. Identify areas that require corrections to meet compliance standards.

3. After-the-Fact Permit Application

Prepare and submit applications for after-the-fact permits to the relevant local authorities. Provide all necessary documentation and information required for permit approval.

4. Coordination with Building Departments

Act as your liaison with local building departments and regulatory agencies.
Facilitate communication and coordination to streamline the after-the-fact permit process.

5. Correction of Non-Compliant Work

Undertake necessary corrections and modifications to bring non-compliant work up to code. Ensure that all corrections meet the standards set by local authorities.

6. Correction of Non-Compliant Work

Assess the structural integrity of the property and implement upgrades if needed.
Address safety concerns highlighted in the home inspection report.

7. Electrical and Plumbing Compliance

Ensure that electrical and plumbing systems meet safety standards and local regulations. As a licensed electrician and plumber, we can make corrections quickly if they are needed.

8. Final Inspection Preparation

Prepare the property for a final inspection by local authorities. Address any remaining concerns to ensure a smooth inspection process.

9. Documentation Submission

Submit all required documentation to obtain approval for after-the-fact permits. Follow up with authorities to expedite the approval process.

Our Retainer Agreement, POA & Payment Methods

For your protection, and ours, we ask that you formally engage our services and enter into an agreement. The terms and conditions of that agreement are spelled out in a simple, easy to read text. Further, on page two of our agreement, you will find a menu with a sample of additional fees that could be charged by the Building Departments and/or third party professionals whose services might be required by the Building Department. These charges represent hypothetical costs that could be incurred after the permit closure process begins. They are shown only as examples of other costs.

Payment for initial Request for Quote can be made through this website with any major credit card.


Repair Services

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We got your back, regardless of the size of the repair.

Whether its one repair item or many, you can lump any of our repair services together into one convenient service call and pricing package. Rest assured that the repairs will be completed by a fully licensed contractor with a warranty to back up your reputation. Simply send us the PDF of the inspection report for a firm estimate, or choose one of our pricing packages to speed the scheduling process along.

In a hurry? We offer overtime rates to complete services within 48 hours. Qualifying VIP program members receive priority service and discounted hourly rates.

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One Stop Shopping for your licensed contractor repair needs.

1 - Plumbing

Fully licensed plumbing contractor to take care of your plumbing repair needs. Common service requests include: fixture replacement, leaky faucet/toilet, water heater replacement, tub/toilet/sink not draining.

2 - Electrical

Fully licensed electrical contractor to take care of your lighting, wiring and electrical repair needs. Common service requests include: low voltage, breaker switch replacement/add, switchplate replacement, in-wall wiring replacement.

3 - Roofing

Fully licensed roofing contractor to get up on the roof and take care of your roofing repair items. Common service requests include: flashing replacement, shingle replacement, plywood section replacement, skylight seal leaking.

4 - HVAC

Fully licensed HVAC contractor to take care of your heating, ventilation, air-conditioning repair or installation needs. Common requests are: thermostat replacement, tune ups, coil cleaning, duct replacement, air not cooling/heating/blowing.