Plumbing Repairs

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Licensed Plumbing Repairs

When your inspection report comes back with plumbing repairs that needs to be completed get a deal done or through financing, you’ve come to the right place! From leaky faucets to more complex plumbing concerns, we provide expert repairs to resolve issues flagged during the home inspection.

Our Plumbing Services

Our Residential Plumbing Services Include:

  • All types of plumbing repairs and installations
  • Fixtures, faucets and valve repair or replacement
  • Bath and kitchen plumbing repair and remodeling
  • Water heater repair and replacement
  • Garbage disposal
  • Tub and shower enclosures
  • Home water filtration and conditioning systems
  • Shower pans

Advanced Services and quoted:

  • Hot water dispensers
  • Water alarms
  • Slab leak repairs
  • Pump repair and replacement
  • Piping and re-piping
  • Drain, waste and vent clearing
  • Electronic leak detection


Repair Services

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We got your back, regardless of the size of the repair.

Whether its one plumbing repair item or ten, you can lump any of our repair services together into one convenient service call and pricing package. Rest assured that the repairs will be completed by a fully licensed contractor with a warranty to back up your reputation. Simply send us the PDF of the inspection report for a firm estimate, or choose one of our pricing packages to speed the scheduling process along.

In a hurry? We offer overtime rates to complete services within 48 hours. Qualifying VIP program members receive priority service and discounted hourly rates.

(727) 644-0160

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One Stop Shopping for your licensed contractor repair needs.

1 - Plumbing

Fully licensed plumbing contractor to take care of your plumbing repair needs. Common service requests include: fixture replacement, leaky faucet/toilet, water heater replacement, tub/toilet/sink not draining.

2 - Electrical

Fully licensed electrical contractor to take care of your lighting, wiring and electrical repair needs. Common service requests include: low voltage, breaker switch replacement/add, switchplate replacement, in-wall wiring replacement.

3 - Roofing

Fully licensed roofing contractor to get up on the roof and take care of your roofing repair items. Common service requests include: flashing replacement, shingle replacement, plywood section replacement, skylight seal leaking.

4 - HVAC

Fully licensed HVAC contractor to take care of your heating, ventilation, air-conditioning repair or installation needs. Common requests are: thermostat replacement, tune ups, coil cleaning, duct replacement, air not cooling/heating/blowing.