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If you’re trying to sell a home, time is of the essence—and every minute you save might help keep the deal from falling through. That’s why we’re proud to be one of the only companies in Florida with a license to do anything you need after a home or insurance inspection.

Forget about contacting 4 or 5 different contractors to make post-inspection repairs—with 4PT Punchlist, we’ll take care of everything. (And we mean EVERYTHING.)

Fully licensed electrical, roofing, HVAC, plumbing, and general contracting repairs… You get it all with just one call.

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    Our Services

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    From minor repairs to pipe replacements to fixture replacements, you can rest assured the job will be completed expertly.

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    We expertly resolve roofing issues – big or small – identified in home inspection reports, so real estate transactions run smoothly.

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    For all your electrical repair needs, from inspection reports to final fixes, we’ll protect you from the “shock” of complications.
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    We specialize in prompt and precise HVAC repairs – trust us to keep everything working (or get it working again!)
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    You need fast and accurate repairs when you hire a general handyman – that’s why we offer a convenient, all-in-one solution.
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    We expertly navigate the permitting process, from the closing of permits from previous work to getting after-the-fact permits issued.
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    Take care of all your contracting needs with a single call.

    From roofing to plumbing, our wide range of services means you avoid the hassle of multiple contractors.


    Rest easy with our commitment to quality.

    We back our work with a guarantee of excellence, ensuring your property gets nothing but the best in terms of service and durability.


    Our efficient and thorough work prevents future issues, providing a cost-effective solution for your client’s home.

    Translation: you get post-inspection work done right the first time.

    Fast & Efficient

    Our streamlined process and prompt service mean your post-inspection projects are completed on schedule.

    In most cases, you’ll get a quote in 24 hours or less.


    We handle all your maintenance and repairs, reducing stress and giving you a hassle-free experience.

    Email us to get started—it’s really that simple.

    Getting Started Is Easy

    Step 1: Request Quote

    Fill out the Get a Quote form on this website.

    Step 2: Attach Inspection Report

    While filling out the form, attach your inspection report PDF.

    Step 3: We Get to Work!

    We’ll get started on putting together your estimate. Our team will reach out with any additional questions we may have.

    Step 4: That’s it!

    You can expect to hear back from us within 24 hours.

    Need the work done within 48 hours? Let us know—overtime is available (with reduced rates for our VIP program members).

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What services does 4PT Punchlist specialize in?
    Founder Justin Jones is licensed in the state of Florida to provide a comprehensive range of services, including general contracting, roofing, plumbing, electrical, and HVAC. 4PT Punchlist was created to specialize in helping real estate agents conveniently knock out their inspection reports and get their deals to close. Larger contracting projects can be completed through our parent company J&S Homes.
    How do you ensure the quality of your services?
    Justin and his team ensure that all services meet the highest standards of quality and compliance with Florida laws. At 4PT Punchlist, we also have a rigorous quality assurance process to ensure our work meets your expectations.
    Can 4PT Punchlist handle both residential and commercial properties?
    No, at this time 4PT Punchlist is focused on residential properties. As our team grows, we may be able to wrap commercial properties into the fold.
    What sets 4PT Punchlist apart from other contractors?
    4PT Punchlist stands out due to the breadth of our licensing and expertise. We are one of the very few contractors in all of Florida that hold all four contracting licenses. We’re also strongly committed to integrating clients’ values into our work and offer a unique blend of professional skills and personal interests.
    How can I get a quote for my property?
    Getting a quote is simple—request one with no obligation by filling out the form on our Get a Quote page or sending us an email with the inspection report. We’ll send you a quote within 24 hours with a detailed estimate for your specific needs.

    "We have partnered with Justin and Stephanie several times now. All I can say is WOW! Their communication, knowledge, and willingness to help through the whole process exceeds every expectation I could dream of. I would not choose anyone else but them! Look no further as you will not be disappointed to work through the process with them. Thank you all so much for being you and willing to help us EVERY TIME! "

    – Madalyn Gwin, Real Estate Agent

    "Justin & Stephanie are honest, fair and operate with the highest level of integrity. They truly want every deal to be a win for everyone involved. This is more than just a business to them; it is an opportunity to be a blessing in the communities they live in and serve."

    Richie Koster, Homeowner

    "Justin and his staff were great to work with. We need a structural inspection quickly during a real estate transaction and they were prompt and got us the estimate back the next day. The contractors on site were on time and friendly, easy to talk with. Would definitely use them again!"

    – Brittany Ranew, Real Estate Agent

    About Us

    Welcome to 4PT Punchlist, where your property repairs and renovations are our passion. Founder Justin Jones isn’t just a jack-of-all-trades—he’s a master of many. As a licensed general contractor with additional licenses in Electrical, Roofing, HVAC, and Plumbing, he has quickly become the “go-to guy” for realtors and home inspectors throughout Tampa Bay.

    But there’s more to Justin than his professional skills. He’s got an eye for real estate and a heart committed to his faith, qualities that shine through in everything he does.

    Alongside his wife, Stephanie, Justin is also the star of the hit Pureflix show “Busted Cribs”. Here, they share their thrilling journey of property investment and transformation, inspiring and entertaining viewers one episode at a time.

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    Get All the Licensed Contractors You Need—In One Place

    Say Goodbye

    …to the stress of managing multiple contractors and schedules.

    With 4PT Punchlist

    … all your maintenance and repair needs—HVAC, roofing, plumbing, electrical, general contracting, and handyman—are covered under one roof!

    Fast & Efficient

    … Get a fast free quote within 24 hours, and most repairs can be completed within 48 hours.